19-year-old heterosexual couple referring to each other as ‘partners’

A PAIR of 19-year-olds who have barely been together for six months are referring to each other as ‘partners’, it has emerged.

Loving couple Lucy Parry and Jack Browne are absolutely smitten with one another, but consider the usual terminology ‘boyfriend’ and ‘girlfriend’ to be beneath them.

Parry said: “We’re older now, and moving forward in life. We’ve even talked about marriage. So referring to Jack as my ‘boyfriend’ just seems a bit… I don’t know, secondary school? And we left last year.

“‘Partner’ just sounds so much more glamorous and intriguing. I also get to play with the mystery of what gender the person I’m going out with is, even though I’m very boringly heterosexual.

“When my parents aren’t home it really does feel like we are adults with our own place. We make dinner together, and then sit down to eat and discuss our days. Do we tidy up? No, I can’t work the dishwasher.”

Browne said: “We’re in a mature, committed relationship because we’re adults. I don’t even wank anymore. Well, except on Wednesday evenings, when Sophie goes to her hula hoop class.”

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