75 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Dad 2023

Living up to the stereotype, it’s true that dads are typically pretty easy to please in the gift-giving department. Like if you get him new golf balls or a

gift card to Home Depot, he’ll make a corny joke about it and be set for the next few months. You probably know exactly what I’m talking about—whether you’ve seen it play on a sitcom or IRL.

So, can someone explain why it feels like mission impossible when the time comes to actually shop for a good gift for dad during important dates like his birthday, Father’s Day, or the holidays? Of course, it could be because they always claim they already have everything they need. But frankly, that excuse is getting really old, and I can’t be the only one who thinks dads deserve better! Which is why we’ve put together this list of 75 super thoughtful gifts for Dad for any occasion.

Whether you see the big guy every day or live thousands of miles apart, you can still make him smile this season by gifting him something that suits his interests. We’ve got ideas for every dad personality type: the golfer, the outdoorsman, the traveler, the music lover—whatever your dad’s passion or hobby might be, we’ve got a unique gift idea that will speak to his soul (yes, we’re that confident in our selections *flips hair*). From inexpensive gifts that he’ll use every day to pricier options that he’ll want to break out for special occasions—be prepared to feel the fatherly love when your dad opens one of these cool AF gifts.


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