Adam Kay on burnout & mental health toolkits

“I met Matt Hancock in his office/sex palace when he had just got the gig as health secretary, and he said to me, ‘If you could change one thing about the NHS, what would you do?’ I mean, the answer is loads of money or 100,000 more staff, but I knew he wouldn’t accept that.”

Kay went on to explain that he told Hancock how, when he was performing at a West End theatre, there was a poster in his dressing room pointing actors to a helpline if they had any concerns with their mental health. If anyone used it, they would be put through to a fully qualified counsellor, no matter what time or day of the week it was. And, Kay told the health minister, he was stunned that there wasn’t such a service provided for NHS staff.

Dubbing it one of the “single proudest moments of my career”, Kay revealed that Hancock went away and “expanded a service that used to be just for London GPs so that it could be used by all doctors all across the country”.

“That was my only positive experience with a politician,” he added, before stressing that he is no fan of Hancock – particularly now he has abandoned his constituents to go on ITV’s I’m A Celebrity. “I think I’d be too embarrassed to ever show my face ever again,” he said.

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