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The autumnal colours around Loch of the Lowes and across Perthshire are absolutely stunning at the moment.
A wonderful combination of mild weather and pleasantly calm days (so far) have allowed most of the deciduous trees to hold on to their foliage. Providing spectacular contrast, there’s still a fair amount of green leaves remaining, bringing a wide range of hues on individual trees. In several local areas, mounds of bracken can be green, yellow, orange and deep russet all at the same time.
There is so much to see at this time of the year, not just shades of gold, there are acorns, hazelnuts, sloes, late brambles, rowan berries and all manner of fungi.
Whether you enjoy walking in this season for the sights or scents of wildlife or prefer wider vistas, riverbanks and lochans, walks around the Dunkeld area have it all.
Taking a walk, is one thing, taking a guided walk with a friendly, experienced, knowledgeable ranger is quite another.

Our Perthshire Ranger, Raz Rasmussen, who’s based at Loch of the Lowes, has grown familiar with the land, woodlands, water courses and surrounding wildlife.

On Wednesday 26th October Raz will be leading a guided walk from Loch of the Lowes. This is a great opportunity to ask those questions which crop up when we’re in the countryside: ‘what sort of nut is this?’ ‘What tree is that?’ ‘Who lives in a burrow like that?’

This is a 10k walk of moderate difficulty, adults and children over 12 years: £10. If you are a Scottish Wildlife Trust member, the walk is free!

Booking is essential. Book here
More details are provided in the booking information, but the walk starts and ends at Lowes, 10am-2pm. You are more than welcome to stay longer at the end and enjoy the Visitor Centre and Hides (included in the cost).

Wherever you happen to be, enjoy walking in this rapidly changing season!


Lowes in Autumn 2022 © Raz Rasmussen

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