Google has World Cup coverage all set across web, YouTube, more

(Pocket-lint) – Google has shared a list of all the ways people can keep up to speed with the World Cup goings once the fun kicks off next week.

The FIFA World Cup gets underway on November 20 and if you can’t be glued to a TV screen for every game Google has you covered across a number of different platforms.

It starts with search, with Google making it easy for people to search “World Cup” and then follow whatever teams they want. They can also set up notifications by clicking a bell icon, too. Other features include being able to drag current scores out of the Google App on an Android phone and slap it onto their Home screen.

GoogleGoogle has World Cup coverage locked up across web, YouTube, etc photo 2

Over on YouTube TV, live games will be available via FOS and FS1 with all 64 games available in 4K for those who subscribe to the 4K Plus add-on. Beyond that, special content will also be available on YouTube from creators like Deestroying, Rima, Cheeky Boyos, Jesser, Abo Flah, and more.


Google is also going to let people search for “where to watch the world cup near me” to see restaurants and bars that will be showing live games, too. Pretty great if you want to head out and enjoy the game with pals.

Finally, there’s some Wear OS action, too. “Hublot’s Big Bang e FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a connected watch powered with Wear OS, you can wear the same watch that all of the official referees will wear in the World Cup,” Google says. “During the tournament, you can get useful information ahead of a match, like team line-ups and player profiles. The watch even animates if a team scores, so you’ll never miss a goal!”

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Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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