How to make the Swear Jar Whiskey Eggnog — Smartblend

So I’ve done eggnog before. Of course I have, it’s delicious.

But this year I wanted to switch it up a bit. So when my good friends at Swear Jar came aknockin to say whats up, I had the perfect inspiration to mix up my classic recipe.

This time, instead of using a mix of rum and brandy, I’ll be using whiskey and whiskey alone.

One thing that frustrated me last year with my eggnog was that my fridge is already over stocked with prosecco, wine, and half cooked christmas dinner to be able to fit a whole punch bowl worth of eggnog in. So I decided to utilise the large rim on the Swear Jar bottle and strained this eggnog right into the bottle for easy pouring and easy fitting in my fridge. result.

Get the full recipe below and for more on Swear Jar, check them out here.

Oh, and as for the name of this eggnog. I’m taking inspiration from the bootlegging past of whiskey and calling it The Bootlegg Nog.

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