Kate Winslet donates £17,000 to help family struggling with rising energy costs

Kate Winslet helped change the life of one family recently, when she donated £17,000 to a mother heavily impacted by the spike in energy costs. 

A British woman named Carolynne Hunter launched a GoFundMe earlier this year to help her pay her energy bills, which are higher than the standard, due to the fact that her daughter lives with severe cerebral palsy and requires specialised medical equipment.

In her GoFundMe, the mother of four said the surge in energy costs were “detrimental” to the health of her 12 year old daughter Freya and that she had received no governmental support. She added, “I have no way of reducing the usage of energy in our home. My older daughter and I have historically lived in fuel poverty to keep Freya safe and comfortable making sure all her medical needs are being met whilst allowing me to keep my bills as low as possible.”

energy crisis

People protesting the rise of energy costs in London

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“We dread every winter in our cold home,” she continued, adding the money raised from the GoFundMe would additionally go towards a generator to ensure Freya’s needs would be met in case of any power outages.

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