Little Italy Pizzeria (West End, Glasgow) 2023 : Review – Kris Munro

Visit & Vibes

You know me when in the West End and I need a wee Italian fix this is my go-to place.

I have been here many times before, so for tonight’s visit I wanted to try a dish I have not had before.

Décor ★★★★★
Noise Level ★★★★★
Restaurant Temperature ★★★★★
Table Dressing ★★★★
Restaurant Cleanliness ★★★★★
Background Music Level ★★★★★

The Food

I am a big Carbonara fan so I thought let’s try this version of it, normally my go-to is the classic spaghetti so Fusilli would be an interesting option.

Fusilli Carbonara £11.95
Creamy egg, ham, and parmesan sauce

On arrival, this looked very nice and had a good carbonara aroma.

Time to dig in.

I made sure my first bite had a bit of everything, and as expected it tasted very nice.

For me, it was a very nice dish, and one I would have again. Personally, I still prefer the normal spaghetti carbonara but that’s just me.

Dish Flavour ★★★★
Appearance ★★★★★
Serving Size ★★★★★
Aroma ★★★★★
Value for Money ★★★★★
MY RATING: ★★★★★

Cannolo Siciliano £4.95
Pastry tube with our own filling of sweetened ricotta, chocolate drops, pistachio and cherries

There is always room for dessert and tonight it HAD to be a cannolo as I love these!

On arrival this put a big smile on my face, this was a good size and I couldn’t wait to take a big bite.

You have that crunch of the shell, followed by the lovely sweet and soft cream inside this was a very good bite and a great end to my meal.

Highly recommended and it’s bad to say I could have easily had another one.

Dish Flavour ★★★★
Appearance ★★★★★
Serving Size ★★★★★
Aroma ★★★★★
Value for Money ★★★★★
MY RATING: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts…

As always I had a lovely evening, I felt very relaxed and enjoyed my food.

If you are in the West End and fancy an Italian check here out.

Service / Staff ★★★★★
Ambiance ★★★★★
Time between Courses n/a
Overall Value for Money ★★★★★
The above blog post review is 100% honest and has not been influenced in anyway. Its a true representation of my visit, and my thoughts.

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