Moccamaster’s luxurious KM5 Burr Grinder wants to level up your coffee

Some of us shuffle like rusty automatons across our kitchens every morning, settling for whatever instant caffeinated powder we have on hand in a desperate attempt to thaw into reality. If reading that made you shudder, then congratulations — Moccamaster’s luxurious new KM5 Burr Grinder is absolutely aimed at you.

For the coffee connoisseur who enjoys taking their time to craft the perfect hot brew, this premium grinder is designed to elevate your morning ritual, while providing only the very best results in the process.

Handmade in the Netherlands with sustainable and recyclable materials, the KM5 is capable of grinding beans for various different brew methods, with enough power in its quietly efficient motor to grind 60g of coffee in less than 30 seconds. 

Other clever touches include a dispensing spout that reduces the static charge of the ground coffee (making for a much cleaner grinding experience), as well as 50mm flat durable steel burrs to maintain an accurate, uniform grind. The latter can be adjusted by a stepless rotary knob, letting you dial in your perfect consistency, while the built-in hopper is spacious enough for around 250g of beans. 

Available in Matt White, Matt Black, and Polished Silver, it’s an elegant bit of kit that aims to bring a touch of class and luxury to your daily caffeine injection(s). At £279, it’s firmly in enthusiast territory, but if you’re au fait with terminologies like retention and steep time (and know who James Hoffman is), this is one bit of kit you’ll definitely appreciate. 

Released on Amazon and other retail stores from 6 April, it could be just the thing you need to wave goodbye to your local bean peddler once and for all.

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