Rory Stewart wants Londoners to invite him over for a sleepover – and he’ll bring a box of chocolates

Rory Stewart has taken his campaign to become London mayor to the next level by pleading with people to let him come and stay in their home for a night so he can “get to know the city”.

The independent mayoral candidate has already tried ‘RoryWalks’, which see him tweeting out his location before wandering around an area and answering questions.

But in a signifificant escalation in his willingess to engage with voters, he has asked people from around London to invite him for a sleepover with a promise to “bring a sleeping bag and a box of chocolates”.

Mr Stewart, who is battling against incument Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan and Tory hopeful Shaun Bailey, is not another victim of London’s savage housing crisis.

Instead he claims the “weird request” will let him get to know the city by “literally walking through every one of the 32 boroughs”.

Announcing his #ComeKipWithMe campaign, Mr Stewart revealed he had already stayed the night with a former gang member in Lambeth, as well as the ‘Queen of Newham’ Lorraine Tabone, who runs a homelessness charity.

Mr Stewart said the campaign of “being in other people’s shoes, seeing through their eyes, staying in their houses” would make him a better mayor if elected in May.

“Fixing London’s issues – whether on crime, housing or our air quality – will not come from issuing press releases or edicts from a distant office building,” he said.

“It comes from getting out into communities across the capital, staying with people – listening to their concerns, as well as their ideas for the best solution.”

He added: “So please, have me to stay with your family, or just in your home, seeing your borough.

“Promise to bring a sleeping bag. And a box of chocolates.”

But fear not, if you fail to entice Rory to your pad ahead of the ballot, he has vowed to continue the campaign if elected mayor.

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