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The Absent Ear’s art-influenced new menu launches September 1st.

The Absent Ear launches a brand new cocktail menu this week – with more theatre, flair and creativity than ever.

The iconic secret late night cocktail lounge in Glasgow was named one of the 50 best bars in the UK, and the team are determined to stay ahead of the curve.

Renowned for stunning drinks, spectacular show-stopping mixology and a real sense of the unusual, the bar serves up not only cocktails, but a real experience.

The new menu has been developed with the help of the public through their unique Try and Test Tuesdays initiative, where mixologists tried out their wildest ideas and sold them at a discounted price, letting drinkers vote on their favourites.

Absent Ear manager Jamie Moran said: “We’ve been hard at work for some time on this new menu and are really excited to be finally showcasing it.

“We’ve taken everything we’ve learned throughout the last 14 months and our recent run of Try and Test Tuesdays to create drinks and serves with cool and sometimes ground-breaking flavours and techniques – but still rooted in our core ethos of fun, interactive experiences. We can’t wait for Glasgow to see the results.”

And Jamie has given us a sneak preview of one of the new drinks which are each paired with an artwork by an independent Scottish artist.

“We wanted to create a drink based on the mathematical sequences that are prevalent in nature. In particular, the Fibonacci sequence, and how it shows in the growth of sunflower petals. With this in mind, we developed a recipe based on this sequence of 1,1,2,3,5,8,13….using locally foraged Tayberries and Meadowsweet with Scottish Mead and Absinthe as well. To pair with this, we worked with an incredible artist in developing an animation to showcase this sequence in a really vivid way and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Oh, and we also created a seed paper garnish from old paper menus that you can take away and plant at home. Don’t say we’re not good to you.”

The new menu launches on Thursday September 1, it promises to be ground-breaking and fully immersive, with works of art and interactive elements paired expertly with drinks to add to the sense of occasion and exploration.

The Absent Ear is – as always – not quite like any other bar in the world.

So Van Gogh for it!

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