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Donald Trump is due to make a big announcement next week and it is widely thought that he will use this to state that he will be standing for the presidency in 2024.

Apparently, he was talked out of making such an announcement before the midterms on Tuesday but it would appear that he seems to be set on trying to get his old job back although things have changed quite dramatically.

The most successful Republican in Tuesday’s elections was Ron DeSantis in the race for the governorship of Florida and at 44 nearly a third of a century younger than Trump. That’s a huge difference.

The big question mark over the next White House race is whether Joe Biden will run. He’s clearly aware that to make such an announcement would mean that the second half of his administration he will be as a dead duck but others within his party with presidential ambitions are going to be pressing him for some indication of his plans.

Mike Smithson

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