Trump still rated as a 36% chance for the GOP nomination – politicalbetting.com


But De Santis now the betting favourite

In the next few months I expect to see both DeSantis and Trump putting their hats into the ring in the fight for Republican WH2024 nomination

This looks set to be a long and fierce fight and it is hard at this stage to make a judgement as to which one will do it.

That we can now contemplate a serious challenge to the former president is quite remarkable. I didn’t really expect DeSantis to come out of his Texas governor battle on Tuesday looking so strong.

The big question is how much pull Trump continues to have over his party and that will be tested during the primary process. The great thing in favour of DeSantis is his age – 44. Trump will be 78 in 2024 and he hardly has a healthy lifestyle.

Mike Smithson

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