Wings Over Scotland | An unfortunate misunderstanding

All cleared up in slightly under three years.

How long this situation will last is unknown – New Improved Elon Musk Twitter is still stuffed with all the same activist moderators it was before, and we don’t doubt that the SNP’s purple-haired sturmjugend will even as we speak be engaged in an obsessive frenzy of malicious reporting and complaining to try to have us shut down once again.

Hopefully they won’t succeed, and hopefully some other unjustly-banned accounts such as those of Graham Linehan, Dennis Kavanagh, Holly Lawford-Smith, Meghan Murphy, Claire Graham, Maya Forstater (currently locked out) and far too many more to list, mostly feminist women, all suspended for basic statements of human biology, will soon be restored too.

But rest assured that in the meantime we’ll be having as much fun as possible.

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