World Cup 2022: England-themed Christmas jumpers launched for the tournament

The 2022 World Cup is just 10 days away and it’s certain to be the most controversial tournament in recent memory, as well as the weirdest given it is taking place in the depths of winter.

While over in Qatar it will still be in the mid-20s to 30s, back in England, it’ll be multiple layers on the daily and soon Christmas jumper season will begin.

With this in mind and capitalising on the bizarreness of a winter World Cup, football knitwear creatives Notjust Clothing have launched a collection to kit out fans for the tournament.

What have NotJust got in stock for the World Cup?

You might remember them as the company behind the rather iconic Gareth Southgate waistcoat jumper back in 2018, when Southgate-mania was at an all time high and he was apparently “the one”. This jumper is still available on site for £37.99.

What have they added to stock this time around? The collection comprises three festive jumpers (all of which cost £32.99): two retro England 90’s red and blue jumpers, and a white jumper in line with the modern home kit.

The red away kit jumper is definitely the most festive looking of the three, with a Christmas twist being taken on the classic Italia ’90 number. Picture yourself as prime Paul Gascoigne, just with beers instead of tears this holiday season.

World Cup
World Cup

The blue jumper is the most eye catching, as it was when used as the third kit from 1990 to 1992. Despite not getting a run out in Italy, and only once overall, it has remained iconic due to its appearance in New Order’s World in Motion video for the tournament.

As a result of its already-brilliant design, little has been done to alter it – there’s just a hint of snow drops, and you could probably get away with wearing it all year round. That, of course, is if you don’t avail the optional “It’s Coming Home 4 Christmas” name on the back.

NotJust have teamed up with Neil Diamond for the Christmas collab you didn’t know you needed

As mentioned, the white jumper is inspired by the jersey that almost took England all the way at the European Championships last summer. Festive snowdrops and trees along the hems set the tone, and there’s no escaping a name on the back with “It’s Coming Home 22” emblazoned there.

A captain’s armband is also featured which reads “Good times never seemed so good”. In keeping with the Neil Diamond theme, Notjust have claimed that the first 250 jumpers sold feature a QR code that play “Sweet Caroline” when scanned. Just in case you needed an excuse to get pumped.

World Cup
World Cup

Notjust also confirmed that 50% of the profits from jumper sales will be donated to grass roots football organizations Football Beyond Borders and Bloomsbury Football. A lovely touch, and more reason to buy yourself or a loved one a Christmas jumper like no other.

Who else has released England-themed World Cup Christmas jumpers?

While Notjust might have the most extensive range, they’re not the only brand who have launched Christmas jumpers in time for the World Cup. Marks and Spencer have released their “It’s Coming Ho Ho Home” jumper. This is not just a Christmas jumper, it’s an M&S Christmas jumper and so on.

Boohoo are hoping England fans are still behind Southgate this Christmas as they have their own version of the waistcoat jumper on sale. His stock has fallen in recent times, and it might be a case of one tournament too many for both him and the waistcoat Christmas look.

World Cup
World Cup

Etsy as per have a wide range of creative looks, the nicest possibly being their three lions logo with Santa hats on pieces. Their site is well worth a look if you’re looking for something a bit more out there.

While there’s no set date for Christmas jumper season, a socially acceptable time seems to be the first day of December, which comes just before the knockout stages of the World Cup. Perfect, really.

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